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Thriving Amidst Covid-19: Royal Supply Case Study

Posted by Patrick Rea on Jul 1, 2020 9:37:28 AM

While much of the news about the cannabis industry seems mixed-to-grim, we at CanopyBoulder are hearing more stories of success than failure.  Many of our portfolio companies are thriving amidst the global pandemic. Below we are highlighting the story of Royal Supply, a packaging supply and solutions company serving the cannabis industry that is setting new sales and growth records.  Royal Supply graduated from the recent Winter 2020 CanopyBoulder Accelerator cohort. 

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How to Value - and Raise Capital for - CBD Businesses

Posted by Celia Daly on Feb 26, 2020 11:34:09 AM

Somehow, the secret got out. You know what secret I’m referring to - the one about CBD and hemp being the next big thing.

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How I Raised $14 Million To Grow an HR Product for the Cannabis Industry (and What I Learned Along the Way)

Posted by Nathan Beckord on Dec 5, 2019 9:51:20 AM

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What's Going on with MSOs?

Posted by Celia Daly on Nov 27, 2019 9:22:42 AM


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Cannabis Businesses that Make Investors Excited

Posted by CanopyBoulder on Aug 29, 2019 11:31:31 AM

The cannabis industry changes fast and the trends and opportunities that come along with this nascent industry change right along with it. 

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Illinois Legalized! Now, Who's Next?

Posted by Carmen Mabee on Jun 26, 2019 3:15:43 PM

On June 25th 2019, Illinois became the 11th state, along with the District of Columbia, to legalize adult-use cannabis, and the first to do so by the legislative process. This followed a long month of anticipation after the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed the measure 66-47 in late May, and it was sent over to the desk of Gov. J.B. Pritzker. 

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