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CanopyBoulder™ Invests $300K In Three Cannabis Tech Companies, Launches First  Virtual Growth Incubator

Posted by Celia Daly on Aug 12, 2020 1:45:23 PM

Marijuana business accelerator announces deployment of capital

BOULDER, CO, August 12, 2020 – CanopyBoulder, a business accelerator and growth stage venture fund for ancillary cannabis tech and hemp/CBD businesses, is pleased to announce an additional three investments in 2020. CanopyBoulder has deployed $300,000 into three high performing, growth-stage cannabis technology companies. 

These investments represent the first companies to be a part of CanopyBoulder’s virtual Growth Incubator Program.The four-week, growth-focused program provides capital, mentorship and introductions through the support of an ecosystem of 500+ investors and 250+ mentors. Companies in the program will present to investors and industry executives in early September. Investors can register for an Investor Preview event here. For industry executives, if you would like to be considered for these invite-only events, please request registration here. 

The three companies included in the 2020 Growth Incubator Program have all doubled sales at least once in the last year, with some doubling as many at 4 times.  They include:  

  • Abaca is an Internet bank for the cannabis industry, offering accounts, payment processing, lending, and other financial services to cannabis and hemp/CBD businesses.
  • Elevated Signals is a Canadian software platform for cannabis cultivators and processors which enables Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and quality assurance through the management of operations and compliance.
  • Trym is California-based cultivation software, integrated with metrc and custom-built for commercial cannabis growers. Trym keeps cultivators organized, efficient, and compliant while delivering data for business optimization.


About CanopyBoulder

CanopyBoulder is a venture fund and business accelerator working in partnership with the largest cannabis investor forum, the Arcview Group, for companies developing ancillary (non-plant touching) or hemp/CBD products and services for the legal cannabis industry. Since 2013, CanopyBoulder has made 130+ investments in 115 companies. CanopyBoulder advisors and mentors work closely with each company, helping define business models, refine unique selling propositions, and focus marketing and fundraising activities. For more information, please visit

About the Arcview Group

The Arcview Group blazed the trail for cannabis investments and is the largest and 1st vertically integrated firm servicing the industry. As a trusted global leader and nexus for investors, companies, entrepreneurs, money-managers and community, Arcview provides an expansive ecosystem that delivers a broad spectrum of programs and services to the industry. Arcview is synonymous with best-in-class.  By providing the tools necessary and curating top-notch cannabis companies,  Investor Members have had the playbook that has enabled them to invest hundreds of millions in more than 300 private cannabis startups. Arcview Market Research is the #1 source cited for market data, thought leadership and insights. In early 2020, Arcview Ventures was launched and recently followed by the formation of Arcview Capital, a FINRA approved broker-dealer. For more information, please visit


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