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The World’s First Vapor Tap, Bellō. Elegant Cannabis Consumption for Any Event

Posted by Designed Technology on Jan 22, 2019 12:14:05 PM

Designed Technology created a new market with the world’s first Vapor Tap.

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BOULDER, January 26th, 2019 - Designed Technology announced “Vapor Tap” technology with the introduction of Bello, an elegant way to integrate cannabis into social events.

Designed Technology (DT) was founded in September 2018, by former MassChallenge finalist Ian Carlson. DT is proud to announce the national sponsorship of the 2019 Cannabis Wedding Expo. The company will debut its vision for the future of social cannabis. After joining the Canopy Boulder cohort in October, a Boulder-based cannabis ancillary startup accelerator, Bello is ready for mass market.

“Cannabis events are the most exciting segment in the industry. A wave of businesses are creating social experiences that give us a glimpse into the future of cannabis culture. But existing methods for consumption are messy and complicated. This can turn off off the general public from integrating cannabis into their events,” said Carlson, CEO of Designed Technology. “It’s about time someone made a product specifically for these events - empowering businesses to maintain an elegant experience, even when sharing cannabis. With vapor taps, cannabis will be perceived like wine, scotch and espresso. A necessary step in the widespread acceptance of cannabis culture.’”

Bello is an expertly designed product that provides users with an easily shared experience via an automated “Vapor Tap.” A part of your decor, Bello serves as a port for a stylish cocktail-style glass that smoothly fills with vapor. It is easy-to-use, automatic, and compatible with the widely popular 510 thread cartridges. The refreshingly simple experience allows consumers to automatically fill their own wine shaped glass with vapor. When sharing wine or scotch, there’s a reason every guest at a party doesn’t drink out of the same cup. Bello is an elegant solution to sharing cannabis.

Since its partial legalization in the United States, cannabis companies have quickly begun the mass dissemination of awareness and acceptance about the plant and what it has to offer.  Businesses ranging from cannabis centric lounges, event planning, traveling budtenders, and catering companies have assembled as a result.

As open consumption permits become more common and obtainable, Carlson and his team seek to empower cannabis-focused event planners, private chefs and catering companies by initially focusing on the United States’ $73 billion wedding industry. In addition, Bello provides consumers with a significant improvement upon the current selection of messy and hard to use tabletop vaporizers when entertaining or for gatherings.

In the last few months major acquisitions have taken place in the vaportech market. Global expansion of the industry is near on the horizon.

About Designed Technology

Designed Technology is addressing a new market segment in the rapidly growing cannabis space with the invention of Vapor Tap Technology™. The company focuses on creating products that enhance the social cannabis experience for the growing marketplace of customers demanding a more elegant vape solution with added cleanliness and ease of use. For more information on “Bello” and the exciting new products from Designed Technology, please visit

For additional information, please email Ian Carlson at

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