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meet the Co-founder: Sirita Wright of EstroHaze

Posted by Meghan Grabow on Mar 14, 2017 10:38:00 AM
Meghan Grabow

A part of Canopy's Spring 2017 cohort, EstroHaze is VICELAND meets Essence Mag, shifting the marijuana industry's conversation to the African-American community to ensure inclusivity and information-sharing surrounding career and business opportunities in the cannabis industry. These hard-charging women made it to the Canopy accelerator by way of Brooklyn, NY, and . Read below for the EstroHaze story from co-founder Sirita Wright, and remember to check out the podcast.

Co-Founder & Hometown: Sirita Wright, Brooklyn, NY transplant via Prince George's County, MD

How did you develop the concept for EstroHaze?

We started with an idea for a podcast, a way to come together as a friends and co-workers and talk about week, while smoking weed.

How did you meet your co-founders, Kali and Safon?

I met my co-founders at Black Enterprise Magazine. We were divinely connected by having associates already working at the company who at some point or another recruited us into the company in different areas of expertise.

How did you find out about Canopy, and why did you decide to apply to the accelerator?

My co-founders and I attended High_NY meetups back in New York. One of their meetups included a panel featuring the CEO of Canopy, Patrick Rea. We decided to apply when I "divinely" saw the email about the program, then another friend who was in an accelerator in Chile sent me the same email. I sent it to the team and we decided to go for it.

What problem does EstroHaze solve in the cannabis industry?

We solve the "diversity" problem. African Americans are not a prominent feature in the mainstream cannabis conversation. We want to shift this conversation and ensure this industry is not only inclusive of people of color, but specifically women of color who have been working and thriving in the cannabis industry for decades, and who's contributions are often ignored. We also want to solve the access to talent issue. By letting people of color know about the diverse career and business opportunities available to them within the cannabis industry. People of color are huge drivers of culture and commerce - black buying power is projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2020. Not only should people of color be consumers of cannabis, but they should also be offered opportunities to financially benefit as well. 

What do you enjoy most about the cannabis industry?

The excitement from people who get it. Connecting with other visionaries excited and hungry to build businesses and disrupt the status quo.

You work a lot. What do you do when not drilling down on your business plan?

I keep personal and gratitude journals. I also do Yoga and blend essential oils in my diffuser that I take EVERYWHERE!  Finally, I meditate daily with my co-founders.

What element of the Canopy program are you most excited about?

I am looking forward to meeting new people and expanding my knowledge of the cannabis industry. I am also looking forward to building the first cannabis "unicorn" media company!



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