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Marijuana Investment Verticals

Posted by Micah Tapman on Aug 4, 2016 7:00:00 AM
Micah Tapman
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Let's define some verticals in the marijuana market for future reference and focus.

  • Medicinal users
  • Wellness users
  • Heavy-dosage users
  • Casual users
  • Healthy users
  • Chain dispensaries
  • Boutique dispensaries
  • Low-cost dispensaries
  • Edible manufacturers
  • Extract manufacturers
  • Cultivators - small
  • Cutlivators - large

And this is just a start...when people ask me, "do you think there is room for more companies in the market?" I'm always a bit surprised because when you start digging you find there are lots of gaps and plenty of room for newcomers.

Want to start a new marijuana business? Why not target wellness users who like to shop at boutique dispensaries? Or focus on extract manufacturers? Every vertical market will have unique challenges.

Solving problems, saving money, and improving the quality of someone's business or life is the key to growing a great new business. As investors, we look to identify gaps and problems in need of solutions, then we find entrepreneurs working in those areas and help them with seed funding, guidance, and mentorship.

Not everyone will be successful, on either the investor or entrepreneur side of the table, but the opportunities are tremendous because the industry continues to grow at an outstanding rate (up over 30% this year in Colorado alone).

A rising tide lifts all boats. Combine that with some exceptional skill or hard work and you'll find yourself rewarded with opportunities right and left.

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