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Mentors, Mentors, Mentors!

Posted by Patrick Rea on Mar 11, 2015 10:41:31 AM
Patrick Rea
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We hosted our first mentor gathering at Fate Brewery on Feb 12th to raise a glass and toast CanopyBoulder. About 40 mentors attended which exceeded our expectations for our first event and proved the great interest and support of the Canopy vision to have a hand in creating a positive and sustainable future for the cannabis industry. We couldn't be more grateful for the support of our mentors.

Understanding the basics of why mentors work with companies helps us recruit better mentors, keep them involved and engage them effectively with our startups. Here are a few reasons why mentors mentor.

  1. Someone, at some point in their career, mentored them
  2. They might be looking for their next gig
  3. They're looking for investment opportunities
  4. It's fun and they know a lot about the space and it’s fun to help another company succeed
  5. They want to invest time in improving their entrepreneurial community or make their town/region a cannabis entrepreneurship hub
  6. The networking opportunity to meet other interesting, smart people entices them as well

If you meet someone who might make a good mentor, or want to join our mentor team yourself, please apply by emailing with a (very) brief bio, LinkedIn profile information, and a short explanation of your interest. We're always looking to bring in new talent to add value to our startups. To view our current roster of mentors, check out

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