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Posted by Micah Tapman on Feb 5, 2015 6:40:11 PM
Micah Tapman
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Every now and then you run into someone who is really good at their job. Could be a barista at the coffee shop, a mechanic, or perhaps an entrepreneur. Wherever they are, whatever they are doing, they make the world a little more fun, a little more energetic.

Today I had a discussion with an entrepreneur that could have gone sideways because I was asking some hard questions and raising some challenging issues. Instead he responded with poise and intelligence. His response was thoughtful, respectful, and confident. He followed up with more detail in writing and made sure to close the loop to see if I needed any more information (I did not).

All this in a span of 45 minutes. Impressive. That small piece of competency really energized me for the rest of the day and I felt remarkably positive as I plowed through other emails, candidate applications, and the random tasks that consume the days when starting a new venture. Well, at least until I accidentally deleted a couple hundred contacts while trying to syncFullContact, Gmail, and Pipedrive…recovering from that debacle will be tomorrow morning’s task.

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