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5 Questions With: BluJays Brand

Posted by Meghan Grabow on Nov 1, 2016 11:54:00 AM
Meghan Grabow
Team & Hometowns: Michael Rottman (DC) and Katie Hudgins (Baltimore, MD)
Company: BluJays Brand, a first-of-its-kind roll-your-own pack, giving anyone the ability to turn loose flower into perfeclty rolled cones every time.
How did you develop the concept for BluJays?
We'd been on a camping trip, and realized that out of a group of almost 15 people, nobody could roll a joint. Weeks later, Michael came to Katherine with a few ideas and from there we decided to start the BluJays Brand.
What problem does your product/service solve in the cannabis industry?
BluJays Packs provide an all-in-one disposable solution that makes it easy, affordable and convenient to store and roll loose flowers.
Why did you decide to apply to Canopy?
We wanted to help mainstream the cannabis industry, so we saw Canopy as an amazing opportunity and vehicle to enter the industry correctly.

What's the best part of working in the cannabis industry?
The community! Every industry we've worked in has felt so disconnected and isolating, but since joining the cannabis industry, we feel a strong connection with our colleagues in that we're all working towards a higher purpose (no pun intended).
You work a lot. What do you do when you're not drilling down on your startup?
 Exploring the great Bay Area and the California coastline!
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