Cutting-Edge Cannabis Companies Pitch in SF

  • Printabowl - Customizable smoking accessories that update the aesthetics of smoking with minimal pieces designed to complement high-end spaces with craft and character
  • The Peak Beyond- The Peak Beyond is a developer of interactive smart tables for cannabis retail spaces
  • GrassPass - The worlds’ first cannabis app with a subscription plan for any budget and lifestyle
  • Paragon - Paragon is a unique solution that connects cannabis employers with talent
  • BluJays Brand - The first all-in-one disposable kit for rolling & storing on-the-go
  • Gupta-Daniel - Gupta-Daniel's platform help dispensaries make smart and strategic decisions, providing real-time sales and marketing insights
  • MyStrain - MyStrain helps you explore products and stay connected to your favorite brands
  • Campfire App - Campfire App connects cannabis consumers with like-minded individuals looking for a safe and responsible atmosphere in which to consume
  • Acrovape - Insta-Dab is a revolutionary new vaporizer designed to provide the user with the best tasting and smoothest hitting Dab in the world

printabowl - al jacobs

Printabowl from Micah Tapman on Vimeo.

Printabowl crafts each piece through 3D printing with the finest Cone 10 porcelain. Each piece is printed to order, slip cast from a single-use mold, and hand-glazed to produce the finished object. Lauded by the LA Times for its "high-brow" aesthetic, Printabowl changes the smoking game with beautiful forms, textures, and colors. Email Al Jacobs

The peak beyond - Jeff lapenna

The Peak Beyond CEO Jeff LaPenna from Micah Tapman on Vimeo.

The Peak Beyond tables feature intelligent object-recognition capabilities and integrated point of sale system. Users can place any product from the store’s display inventory onto the tables, follow clickable pathways to learn more through text and video, and purchase items on the spot. While the technology can be applied to any retail market, TPB seeks to capitalize on the California legalization movement to prepare for the surge of new consumers who may not be informed about the industry or its products. Email Jeff and The Peak Beyond Team.


grasspass - Simeon schnapper

GrassPass from Micah Tapman on Vimeo.

GrassPass offers an easy, location-rich and insider experience for savvy cannabis consumers – all through the power of a membership program. Email Simeon and the GrassPass Team.


paragon - sam zartoshty

Paragon from Micah Tapman on Vimeo.

Paragon is raising the quality of human capital entering the cannabis industry, offering unique solutions for connecting cannabis employers and qualified talent. Email Sam and the Paragon team.


blujays - michael rottman

BluJays from Micah Tapman on Vimeo.

BluJays Brand is the first all-in-one disposable kit for rolling and storing on-the-go, featuring pre-rolled cones, cone loader, flower and leaf storage department, and save-for-later sleeve. Email Michael and the BluJays Team.


gupta-daniel - benjamin daniel

GuptaDaniel from Micah Tapman on Vimeo.

By aggregating, contextualizing and visualizing marketing data, Gupta-Daniel helps dispensaries identify and optimize their most effective customer acquisition channels, while trimming ineffective channels to save marketing spend. Our dispensary analytics platform aggregates POS and marketing data for real-time contextual insights; daily, weekly and monthly reports provide operational transparency, helps your team make data-driven decisions & improves your dispensary with actionable recommendations. Email Benjamin Daniel and the Gupta-Daniel team.

mystrain - chris cimino

MyStrain CEO Chris Cimino from Micah Tapman on Vimeo.

Browse hundreds of the most popular strains and see their average potency, positive and negative effects, ratings, and geo-distance. Create labels featuring your dispensary logo and a product symbol that you can set yourself or choose one of MyStrain's effective tenplates. Remembering and recognizing strains has never been easier, thanks to the MyStrain standardized branding system. Email Chris and the MyStrain team.


campfire app - will gaudet

Campfire App - CEO Will Gaudet from Micah Tapman on Vimeo.

2017 marks 70 years of cannabis prohibition, and cannabis consumers still lack a safe place to socially consume cannabis. But how do we bring safe-access to millions of people across the country? Technology is in the answer. Campfire App creates safe-access for anyone across the world who owns a smartphone, using tech and business to leverage activism and bring social change. Email Will and the Campfire team.

acrovape - jeremy campas

Acrovape from Micah Tapman on Vimeo.

Never worry about running out of butane in your bulky, dangerous torch or burning yourself on that hot nail ever again! The future of Dabs is the Insta-Dab. Insta-Dab requires no plugging in and is extremely portable, it will fit the smallest 10mm male bubblers all the way up to the larger 14 and 18mm female pieces. You can also separately purchase an adapter to allow for other applications. Email Jeremy and the Acrovape team.