Our mentors are a critical component of the Canopy ecosystem. Mentors are professionals in their fields who offer guidance and expertise to our teams on various topics. Currently, we are only looking for lead mentors. 

Lead Mentors dedicate themselves to support at least one team per cohort and interact with that team on a weekly basis. Usually the lead mentor contact is with the CEO, but a lead mentor may also help out other team members as well. This weekly interaction takes many forms, including a check-in call, a meeting in the office, an introduction to someone that will help the team, or even a hike or cup of coffee. Often Lead Mentors become official advisors or board members to the teams, if the teams are successful raising capital and all parties agree.

 If you're interested in being a lead mentor, fill out the form below to get the ball rolling. We'll be in touch soon!


NOTE: Mentorship is NOT an avenue to promote personal businesses or services. Mentors choose to give their expertise altruistically. In the interest of keeping our community sales free, we will not promote any specific services to our teams.