What does the future hold for cannabis & hemp? 

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A lot is happening. 

Valuations for cannabis companies plummeted, we're in the midst of a global health crisis and now are hurdling toward recession.

Find out how this impacts the cannabis & hemp industry.

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Cannabis & Hemp Pitch Events

  • Episode 1 - Amnesia, Straight Hemp, Happy Cabbage, Fog & Tree, Pure Power Botanicals, Royal Supply, Everflux Technologies, Antedotum, Jage Media
  • Episode 2 - Sana Packaging, A Boring Life, Abaca, Grow With Jane, Zoltrain
  • Episode 3 - Bloom Automation, Best in Grow, Grownetics, Backyard Soda 
  • Episode 4 - GreenScreens, Stashlogix, Avid, Traffic Roots, Gram
  • Episode 5 - Kunubu, Designed Technology/Bello, Marigen, LA Cannabis News, EventHi
  • SXSW Cannabis Business Showcase

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