Sit Back and Watch the Show...

  • Front Range Biosciences - modern agriculture meets marijuana
  • Wurk - HR solutions for the cannabis industry
  • iDro - affordable, automated home growing
  • VaporSlide - a better way to vape
  • Stashbox - discovery commerce redefining marijuana shopping
  • SprkLabs - unbiased reviews and testing for the cannabis industry
  • weeGrow - learn to grow marijuana at home and connect with new friends
  • Quantified Vapor - use Bluetooth to track your consumption
  • SPARE- simplifying access to cash anywhere in the world
  • JAEB Designs - better accessories to store, grind, and manage marijuana

Front Range Biosciences - Jon Vaught


Front Range Biosciences provides customized R&D solutions for culitvators and manufacturers. We are a seasoned team of biotechnology entrepreneurs bringing the tools of modern agriculture to cannabis and hemp to reduce disease, increase efficiency, and develop innovative new strains. We provide tissue culture propagation solutions and genomic based solutions for breeding.

Wurk - Keegan Peterson


Wurk is an human resource and payroll platform built for cannabis business owners. Backed by cannabis banking agreements, Wurk is providing a unique solution to an underserved cannabis market. Every cannabis employee needs a paycheck. Wurk is here to provide that service!

iDro - Fred Lindseth


iDro is a fully automated, smartphone-controlled home growing system that makes it easy and affordable for anyone to grow cannabis at home. Our system goes for 1/3 to 1/8 of the price of our competition but does not sacrifice any functionality necessary for maintaining optimal growing conditions.

VaporSlide - Brendan Gillis


Vapor Slide is a technology company creating vaporizers for the future of the cannabis industry. Our mission is to create highly efficient, durable, and healthy vaporizers for cannabis concentrates. Our first product, the Vapor Slide, is a more powerful, dual-purpose pen vaporizer that will deliver more vapor. You can use this product with preloaded cannabis oil cartridges on its own, or in the stem of your favorite water pipe.

Stashbox - Natasha Irizarry


Stashbox is a monthly subscription box that uses data from cannabis consumers to market lifestyle products in the advertising-regulated cannabis industry. We’re an online magazine, and our ads are the items in Stashbox. Subscribers are delighted when they receive their Stashbox with the items they actually want to use.

sprkLabs - Jill Lamoureux


SprkLabs and our Cannabis Products Lab(TM) is the ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval’ & ‘JD Power Customer Satisfaction Award’ for the cannabis industry. We rate retail and commercial products allowing buyers to purchase with confidence and brands to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

weeGrow - Mason Levy


weeGrow is a community built for home growers to discover, learn, and share the art & science of cannabis cultivation together. We provide a complete set of grow management tools, a curated marketplace and a personalized education platform to make learning to grow marijuana easy and accessible for everyone.

Quantified Vapor - Mike Klodnicki


Quantified Vapor is the first and only way to quantify cannabis consumption. We have built the Fitbit of cannabis: a vaporizer that connects to the user's smartphone. Our app makes it easy to give feedback and log personal experiences with cannabis products.

SPARE - D'ontra Hughes


SPARE. is a mobile platform that gives retailers the ability to increase foot traffic and revenue while reducing liability by simply turning their cash register "into an ATM". We are your neighborhood ATM.

Jaeb Designs - Brian Seckel


Jaeb Designs conceptualizes and produces cannabis accessories that improve the lives of consumers. Our first product line, PenSimple, is poised to take over the herb grinder market. PenSimple is a revolutionary herb grinder and dispenser that can perfectly load a consumption device in seconds simply by pushing a button.